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The Booster Club supports athletics at Shaw University through, direct financial donations, purchasing supplies for the Athletics Department, hosting celebratory events and through many other services.

Other than fundraising and donations, membership fees are a primary source of funding that allow us to continue our good work for the worthy student athletes at Shaw University. These young men and women have more than proven themselves worthy of our support with championship after championship in all sports.

Over the years, the Booster Club has played a key role in raising funds in support of the Shaw University Athletics Program including:

  • Awarding annual donations of up to $10,000  to the Athletics Program
  • Responing to requests from Athletic Director to provide specific needs identified by coaching staff
  • Donated $5,000 for new basketball scorers table
  • Sponsored celebratory dinners for championship teams
  • Providing meals to football team and cheerleaders at Homecoming games
  • Providing meals to football team during spring training camps
  • Providing office supplies to Athletics Department

We have raised funds through a number of fun and exciting ways: Raffles for cash and prizes, (including a brand new car!), hosting an annual Christmas Extravaganza, membership fees, charity sales participation, and Booster "Annual Giving Campaign" for Booster Club menbers.

Upon completion of your membership enrollment, you will receive:

??  A Tax Deduction Letter

??  A Membership Card

??  Access To The "Members" Area On The Booster Club's Web Site

You can now complete the full registration process online, or if you prefer, you can print the offline registration form and mail it to us along with your payment. Choose your preferred registration method and join us today!

Thank you kindly for your support!