Booster Club Membership Roster

Current Booster Club Membership

The following names constitute the general membership body of the Shaw University Booster Club. Each individual has contributed a membership donation and commitment of personal time to participate in and otherwise support the broader goals of the Club.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to each donor who has generously contributed to our organization. Without question, we would never be able to realize our goals without your financial and personal support. Thank you again!

Andy Andrews Member
Arnold Foster Member
Bobby Davis Member
Bobby Height Member
Brenda Height Member
Burnetta Smith Member
Carolyn Ennis Member
Carston L. Hunter Member
Charles Graves Member
Charles Reed, Jr. Member
Clyde Lynn, Jr. Member
Coprecia Robinson Member
Cornell Royster Member
Curtis Melvin Gill Member
David Forbes, Sr. Member
Delphine Parker Member
Denise Daley Member
Donald Bryant Member
Dr. Edward V. Ellis Member
Edward Turner Member
Edwin Jordan Member
Gale Thomas Member
Gene Dudley Member
George E. Armstrong Member
Gertrude G. Cromwell Member
Grady Tart, Jr. Member
Gus Lovett Member
Henry Claudius Jones Member
Henry J. Hardy Member
Horace Graham Member
Ivan Donavan Member
J. Samuel Hewitt Member
Jackie Smith Member
James Bloomfield Member
James Edward Stallings Member
James Lipscomb Member
James M. Cassaberry, Jr. Member
James Shaw Member
Jimmie Young Member
Johnnie Burke Member
Jonathan D. "Cody" Hunt Member
Joseph R. Johnson Member
Joyce M. Robinson Member
Julius H. Cromwell Member
Larry Hicks Member
Lawrence O. Smith Member
Leonard Barnes, Jr. Member
Lillian G. Alston Member
Linnoya Williams-Royster Member
Lucy Rivers Member
Mackc Sowell Member
Macon Battle Member
Marcus Clarke Member
Marilyn Fields Member
Marshall Ballard Member
Marshall D. Scurry Member
Mary Sowell Member
Maurice Taylor Member
Michelle Merritt Member
Nancy Simuel Member
Pamela Hardy Member
Pete Waiters Member
Portia Richardson Member
Randolph Bazemore Member
Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Terry Member
Robbie Graham Member
Robert "Sam" Sanders Member
Robert Fuller Garrison Member
Sheila Winston Graves Member
Shirley Hinton Member
Shirley Turner Member
Sue Cheek Member
Susie Harrington Member
Terrell Midgett Member
Thurl Marsh Member
Tommy Robinson Member
Twillie Bellamy Member
Walter Bagby Member
William Modeste Member